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Stacey Skeete, Founder

Stacey Skeete, Inspirational Speaker, and member of ‘The Kingdom Choir, famously seen at The Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, May 2018 singing their rendition of ‘Stand By Me’ Is more than just a voice.

Her mission is to support women that have survived sexual trauma and exploitation in all its forms, such as rape, molestation and sex trafficking, empowering them to live their best life, full of hope and free from shame. Stacey uses her personal life experiences, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) music as a tool to convey and support her message and t.


As a young teen, Stacey experienced several sexual assaults, which understandably affected her in negative way, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This lead to a lifestyle filled with depression, self-sabotage and destructive behaviours. Throughout Stacey’s journey of healing and restoration, she has gathered a vast amount tools that equip those she mentors in their process of overcoming personal trauma and also assisting those who have not experienced sexual trauma, but are currently supporting others.


Stacey has worked with many vulnerable women with life controlling issues such as self-harm, eating disorders and trauma from abuse, so has first-hand experience of the intricate process of healing and transformation.

Throughout Stacey’s journey, she has both seen and felt the impact that her vulnerability and transparency has had on the lives of the people she meets. Stacey’s authenticity, is very evident in the way she interacts with people. As she openly shares her story, it creates a safe space for others to feel empowered to do the same in sharing theirs.

A little insight into the journey



     “I grew up in a loving home, I knew that I was loved. Life was great. However, At the age of 14, on a dark October night, my life drastically changed. I was gang raped by 10 men. That experience caused my physical and emotional being to go into severe breakdown. My brain did what it could to survive the trauma, my body tried its best too, but both were brutally damaged. 


     The night of the rape planted a seed in my mind and heart that said “You’re not worth anything anymore, so you don’t get to say no” initially I saw this play out in my interactions with men, never feeling like I could say no to them, which led to further rapes and assaults, I mean how could i? after all, I was tainted, right?, how could I put value on myself as if I was precious or pure? In my mind, I was as dirty and as used up as a bit of chewing gum at the bottom of someone’s shoe. That’s how I viewed myself. As time went on, I realised that this mindset leaked into every area of my life, I became extremely fearful. I was in a deadly cycle of feeling guilt and shame, using soul destroying measures to temporarily soothe myself, but then went straight back to feeling guilt and shame. The weight of that was unbearable. I tried to end it all, on many occasions. But God had other plans for me.


 One thing I’ve grown to realize is that no matter what we go thorough, there are always ‘helpers’, it’s up to us to be able to identify and appreciate them when they appear. I have been so fortunate to have people around me along my journey that have fought for me when I didn’t have the strength to fight for myself, they would help me to lift my head, to try again, to forgive myself. After a period of building a few close friendships with powerful, loving women that I’m honoured to still be doing life with today, I learnt that there was another way, I had choices, I was not alone. I sat with myself one night, I cried out to God, and made a commitment to myself, “I’m going to do whatever it takes to be free’. I refused to stay the same..


     I started to do the things I was afraid to do. I began to talk about my experiences, I began to seek help, physical, emotional and spiritual, I got to a point where my desire for freedom outweighed any fear of what others around me might say about me. I got aggressive with my healing. Things didn’t change overnight, but I began to see how much power and freedom there is in vulnerability. Healing can’t penetrate the places that are hidden. I began to learn more about the mind, and how it worked, I started to get to the root of things and pulled them out, rather than simply skimming the surface and masking my pain. 


     When I realised who I really was, I was able to access a part of me that I had never experienced before. I was able to dream again, live again, heal relationships around me, access complete joy, I was able to love myself enough to say ‘NO’, and put healthy boundaries in place that would protect my peace. After all, the best gift I can ever offer another person, is a healthy version of myself.


     I feel so much joy sharing my story, and being a voice for others, I have a burning passion to fight for, and with those that are desperate for change. I look back at the traumatic events of my past but feel no pain. My suffering was not in vain, because now, I get to use that torment I once felt, for good, to come along side other women and impact this world, one life at a time through the power of holy Spirit. 


I wholeheartedly believe that no one is too far gone. There is ALWAYS hope. We always have a CHOICE”.

With Love,

Stacey Skeete

"Healing is possible, it starts with a choice"