“Freedom is possible, it starts with a choice.”


My name is Stacey Skeete, welcome to our website, its an honour to have you visit today.

I'd love to introduce you to what we do here at 'Live Or Exist, Your Choice', and why we do what we do.

I want to start by saying that i myself, am a survivor of sexual trauma, i've walked my own journey to healing and freedom. Over the years, i've seen just how common this trauma is within society today, it's just not vocalised, for many reasons, all of which i completely validate and understand. Many struggle to find a safe space to talk things through and connect with others who know what they’re going through. This is exactly what inspired me to start Live or Exist, Your Choice.


Here at Live or Exist, we are proud to support sexual trauma & exploitation survivors and those who are dealing with hidden shame, hurt + PTSD, whatever that looks like. For too long, survivors have been expected to hide their pain but we want to provide a different experience. We want to make the world a better place for them. 


Through our signature events ‘Hidden hurts’, survivors are invited to partake in an evening of worship and connection. Throughout our interactive evening, we aim to help equip those in attendance with biblical and practical tools to aid them on their journey of healing and recovery, helping them to break free from the emotional, physical and spiritual blocks that often prevent survivors from living life to their highest potential. You’ll get a chance to connect with people who understand and empathise what you’re going through.

Our team believes in transparency, safety and honour. We don't hold back or cover up the truth in order to 'look good', we lovingly share our truth, and also share steps we've learnt along the way that enabled us to to walk in peace and freedom from the things that once help us captive.

One moment in God’s presence can change everything, let’s create that space for miracles to happen together.

With love, 

Stacey Skeete, Founder

"Freedom is possible, it starts with a choice"

Stacey Skeete, Founder